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The tiny island of Diu witnesses a very pleasant weather throughout the year. Read more to know about the climatic conditions of Diu.

Diu Weather & Climate

Climate: Mild Tropical
Summer Temperature: Minimum: 20o C, Maximum: 36o C
Winter Temperature: Minimum: 20o C, Maximum: 26oC
Annual Rainfall: 540 mms

The word ‘Diu’ is derived from the Sanskit word “Dweep”, which means “Island”. Thus, Diu being an island enjoys a maritime climate, with the constant sea breezes affecting its temperature. With a plain topography, the weather remains dry, though pleasant throughout the year. During summers, the climate in Diu ranges between a maximum of 36 degrees and a minimum of 20 degrees. However, during winters, it comes down to a maximum of 26 degrees and the minimum temperature remains about 20 degrees.

Small hillocks, rising like mounds of gold surround the island, and they attain a maximum height of not more than 30 metres. The soil is barren and dry, and receives an average annual rainfall of about 540 millimeters. The monsoon season lasts from the month of June to September. The maximum rainfall during the monsoons is about 63.5 cms. With an abundant of palm and coconut trees shooting throughout the place, Diu enjoys a  lush and varicolored vegetation. Some of the major plants found in Diu are Casurina, Furiflora, Acacia, Hoka etc. Because of its mild tropical climate, the best time to visit Diu is from September to April.

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