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Diu offers a vast spectrum of tourist spots in the form of beaches, forts and cathedrals. Learn more about the hot locales of Diu.

Places to See

Diu, situated off the Saurastra coast of Gujarat, offers a wide choice of interesting getaways in the form of its balmy beaches, classic cathedrals and old fortresses. A famous Portuguese colony of the past, its ancient architectural relics still has a strong Portuguese aura, and attracts a vast number of tourists every year. These antiquities of the past, along with the six welcoming beaches at Diu, are a must-see for anyone visiting this little paradise. The place is equally captivating for the solitude-loving as well as the adventure-seeking tourists. If you are planning for a vacation in Diu, be ready for a sensual extravaganza with these hot locales in the island.

The Nagoa Beach
The horse-shoe shaped Nagoa Beach is the most famous beach in Diu. Located in the Nagoa hamlet of the Bucharwada village, the Nagoa beach with its golden sands and foamy waves imparts an unparalleled beauty to the island. It is an ideal place for indulging in various maritime activities. The other famous beaches are Gomtimata, Ghogla, Chakratirath et al.

St. Thomas Church
An ancient relic of the colonial empire, St Thomas Church with its imposing Gothic architecture is a favorite among the tourists. It has been taken over by the authorities and the mammoth structure has been converted into a museum. Well known as the Diu Museum, the church now acts as a repository of valuable archaeological findings.

St. Paul’s Church
The St. Paul’s Church built in 1691 is the only active church till date and is sanctified to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The church with its intricate patterns and wood carvings is considered as one of the most elaborate and well-built structures in the history of church craftsmanship. The architectural style is dominantly Gothic and has a great resemblance to the Bom Jesus church in Goa.

Diu Fort
Built in 1535, the Diu Fort is a massive historical monument situated in the coast of Diu. One can have a magnificent view of the sea from the fort. Today, most part of the fort has been ruined. Standing majestically amidst the ruins, the monumental building has some beautiful stone carvings inside, which still emanates an antique charm. Tourists flock to this edifice to experience its undisturbed beauty.

Gangeshwar Temple
The Gangeshwar temple is situated 3kms away in the Fudam Village. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity “Shiva”. The five “Shiva Lingas” (stones) that are located amidst the rocks of the seashore, are believed to be the manifestation of the Divinity. According to mythology, these stones were placed there by the five Pandava brothers during their period of exile. The whole place is steeped in mysticism and spirituality and is a favorite among the religious tourists.

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