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Diu is an ideal destination for tourists who love the beauty of islands and enjoy basking in the sun amidst the frothy motion of the waves.

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An island located in the fringes of the south-coast of Gujarat’s Kathiawar peninsula, Diu is actually the name of a city located in the district of Diu, in the state of Daman and Diu, India. Along with Daman and Goa, it was a Portuguese colony, till it got liberated in 1961.  Located in the Arabian Sea, with an area of 40 sq kms and a population of 44,110, the quaint town of Diu is situated in the eastern end of the island, and reflects a blend of its indigenous local culture along with a high Portuguese feel.

With various Portuguese fortresses, cathedrals and museums scattered all over the island and quarries built by the Portuguese rulers, the place acts as a legacy of the colonial architectural dexterity and genius. The placid beauty of the place with its balmy beaches, meandering waves, coconut canopies, limestone cliffs, tranquil atmosphere and architectural splendor draw tourists from all over the globe. People trot to the place from all the major cities of India and abroad; to retreat in the meditating atmosphere of Diu, blessed with an alluring charm of its own.

Along with its six welcoming beaches, architectural grandeur and picturesque beauty, Diu is also known for its array of exotic liquors. Rich wines with their distinctive flavor and aroma are easily available in Diu. They help you to titillate your taste buds and enjoy an exhilarating holiday relaxing in any of its beaches. There are also many local pubs in the place that can easily help you to satiate your love for fine spirits and wipe out the mundane and hackneyed aspects of your dreary life, as you inhale the island’s unique beauty.

A lazy evening in Diu, contemplating your own self; or enjoying the sunset by the seashore with a loved one; languidly relaxing in the wet sands and sipping a glass of red wine or a mug of foamy beer, with the cool breeze kissing your face…What more can you ask for? So, if you have a knack for traveling; want to escape the monotony of a rat race; or just looking for that perfect vacation with your beloved in your dream island or a place with a vintage touch, you know where to visit.

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